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Touchless Carwash in Calgary

At Western Pride Car Cleaning, we strive to leave you with a spotless car every time you drive into our bay. To make your experience more convenient and comfortable, we are offering touchless carwash systems in Calgary! You don’t have to deal with layers of dirt or dust on your car anymore. Our touchless system also cleans the undercarriage. Drive a sparkly clean car within minutes. Contact us for more information.

Attractive Packages

Take a look at the packages we offer below!

Splash & Dash - $8
Priced at $8.00, this touchless car wash package is the fastest we have. It includes a strong chemical presoak that acts like soap and helps remove dirt. The high-pressure spray rinse gets rid of the presoak with soft water. While this wash helps get rid of salt and dust quickly, it is not an ideal package for dirtier vehicles.

Regular - $10

This wash takes a couple of minutes. As you drive through, the undercarriage will come up and will last 20 seconds. It begins with a presoak that stays on for 1 minute to soften the dirt on the vehicle. It is then sprayed off using a high-pressure spray of soft water followed by a light spot-free rinse (distilled, filtered water). This wash costs you $10.00.

Deluxe - $12

This wash includes all features of a Regular wash but comes with a clear coat protectant, a protective layer that shields the vehicle from weather conditions. It also has a double dry in which a large blow dryer blows high-pressure air down on your vehicle. This wash is priced at $12.00.

Extreme - $14

This wash lasts a few minutes and includes all the features of a Deluxe wash. However, you can also treat your vehicle to a triple foam polish which is a wax that adds an extra layer of silicon-based protection on your vehicle’s paint to protect it between washings. The Extreme package is ideal for very dirty or large vehicles. It is great to get bugs off!

Hassle-free Touchless Carwash

Use our machine to choose your wash and pay with ease. Get in touch for further details.


Eliminate Stains

"My van was a pretty bad disaster when we took it in to get cleaned, but it sure did come out nice - we used to have cheezy stains between the seats!"

– Joan, Calgary

Excellent Care

" At first I was not sure if I would be comfortable letting go of my Porsche for the day, but these guys took very excellent care and the car came out great."

 – Kevin, Cochrane

Saving You Time

" My work truck gets filthy inside and out and I’ve never had the time or patience to really get it cleaned. I’ll happily pay to have it done again. "

– Jake, Calgary


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Car Wash Inquiries -  403-246-2266

Detailing Inquiries - 403-988-6631


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