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Give Your Car a Super Shine

Our car cleaning service will leave your vehicle looking new.

Professional Car Cleaning Services in Calgary


We know the feeling of driving a clean car with interiors that not only shine, but also smell great. It certainly is a positive start to your day. At Western Pride Car Cleaning in Calgary, we offer car cleaning services that are affordable and professional. If you have allergies, we can offer non-toxic cleaners. From washing the undercarriage to vacuuming the seats and carpets, we ensure your vehicle is sparkling clean. We are known for our quick turnaround and quality workmanship. Call us today to book an appointment.

Inside-out, over and under

Yes! We will clean every part of your car. Did you know that hand washing your car may cause scratches that dull the finish? Leave your car with us for a cleaning service to help retain its shine. Having your car washed professionally is important to prolong its appearance, which adds to its resale value. Here’s why we should be your first choice:

Fast turnaround

Excellent prices

Convenient booking times

Whether your vehicle needs a quick wash or a detailed exterior and interior cleaning, head on over to Western Pride Car Cleaning today.


Western Pride Car Wash

Western Pride Car Wash, offers 24-hour touchless automatic car washes. With over 12 wash bays, all with their own credit card terminals, you’ll be able to get that spotless shine quickly, affordably and efficiently.

If you have any questions about our auto detailing services, please feel free to give us a call.

Rear view of a car after cleaning

Touchless Carwash

Experience the convenience of an automatic system.

Man cleaning the car seat with a vacuum cleaner

Detailing Services

We offer excellent automotive detailing packages.

Pressure washing the car tire

Self-serve Bay 24/7

Take a look at the attractive packages we offer!


Eliminate Stains

"My van was a pretty bad disaster when we took it in to get cleaned, but it sure did come out nice - we used to have cheezy stains between the seats!"

– Joan, Calgary

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